Thursday, August 7, 2008

Altering a coaster

Good Evening; Sorry this is so late. After waiting an hour and a half to upload this video I decided to change how I uploaded it. Grrrrrrrrr!

Ok, so here's my disclaimers.
1.) I had just gotten off work and forgot I had my uniform on. Please ignore the shirt, as I am in no way representing this company. This is for educational purposes only.
2.) I am no longer affiliated with Stampin' Up even though you may see my SU grid paper.
3.) This is my first video. I was praticing to see if I would be too nervous, or if my voice would shake etc..... It actually turned out ok, and so I decided to share with you all. I know it's a little boring "altering a coaster" but wait til I'm comfortable shooting videos and you'll have a blast. Please be kind with your comments. :)

Hope you enjoy today's tutorial! I promise, they will get better! As a side note, I am getting a tripod next week for my birthday, so there will be no more bouncing when the dog decides to jump on the couch ;)

1 comment:

Beckster said...

YAY FOR YOU! That was really good Shel...LOL too bad I didn't have all the stuff to do it here otherwise I probably would've. Those would make great gifts! Sweetness! LOL Well I must be going. I'll talk to you later. Keep up the cool stuff. Can't wait to see more. Woo hoo! TTYL! Love ya! :)