Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Video!

YAY!! I finally did another video. It's nothing fancy, just wanted to try a few things. This video is the beginning of a series that I'm going to call Tuey Tuesday. (There is a story... keep reading to find out what it is :))

I am my own worst critic I know, but this is not the greatest video. I am using my camera on the video mode.... but it will have to do for now. Also Jasmine (my mini dachshund) walks in about half way thru and takes a peek at ya and then moves on... She is ALWAYS in my stamp room with me. She likes to help (or at least *think* she is helping)

So if you've stayed with me this long, how 'bout we get to the video shall we?

Watch Things I use often when card making | View More Free Videos Online at

Ok so just how did Tuey Tuesday come about? At work there are 2 Shelly's. Shelley was there before me. When I started everyone at work called me "Shelly 2." One day one of the guys called me "Tuey" and the name stuck with me ever since. I've grown quite fond of it actually and rarely answer to my real name at work. LOL. Tuey Tuesday started last year when my birthday fell on a Tuesday while I was at work. They all called it "Tuey's Tuesday". Long story short, it stuck. I thought it would be fun to do videos on Tuesdays and call them Tuey Tuesday. Hope you enjoy.

Ps. I said at the end of the video that I was going to show you how I made the card at the end, and it sounded like I was going to show you during this video. I apologize... it is going to be on the next edition of Tuey Tuesday.

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