Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frappacino anyone?

I've been wanting to make one of these FOREVER... but never actually had the bottles to make them. I hate coffee, can't stand the stuff, not even the Frappacinos. A friend of mine was drinking one and I asked for his bottle when he was done with it. You should have seen the look on his face when I told him if he didn't give it to me I would just go "dumpster dive" for it later. LOL. It was priceless! Anyway, it was our long running joke for quite some time and he brought me several bottles. He even brought me 2 containers to put them in. I searched hi and low for "recesses pieces" to fill the jar with and couldn't find them. They are sold out EVERYWHERE. I settled on caramel flavored candy corn. It actually tastes quite good. Isn't it cute? Don'tcha love it? I will be making more of these, but for Christmas. I will not miss out on the Red & Green M&M's though.. :)

I'm going out of town this weekend to visit my mom. I'm basically taking my whole craft room with me, so this will be my last post until next week. We're making a BUNCH of Christmas cards for her church, and I still have to design them. Ugh.... but I will come home with some awesome cards to share I'm sure. :)

Hope you have a great week! Don't forget to check out Sherri's blog for some awesome blog candy... and Sherri if you're reading this and I win *wink wink* you know where to mail it :) Happy Week everyone!


Sherri said...

LOL *wink wink* well your chances right now are 1 in 3 since no one wants a chance to win the set and leave a comment. Hopefully more people will. This is a great set!
Have fun at your moms....I'll be waiting for some great posts when you return.

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Hey that look good. I haven't used any of the Frap bottles only because I don't drink it.

But I do save Jelly jars and filled them with Christmas Goodies.

And decorated the outside of them.