Monday, September 14, 2009

Mini Album


I thought I'd share a video with you today. It's a video of the mini album I made for Jill. I hope she likes it. I had a lot of fun making it. I can't wait to see the one she made for me. We were part of a mini album swap over at Life on the Scrap Beach called "Trade Wind Scrappers (aka TWS)". Thanks Jill for giving me the push over the edge to join. :)

Now on to the video:

1 comment:

Jill W. said...

Oh MY!!! How beautiful, I love those 3 colors together. You did such a beautiful job, I can't wait to put J.T.'s pictures in will proudly sit in a place of honor on my coffee table as well as my heart! ♥
I too, am so grateful to you for the "push" to venture over into the land of the participating, as opposed to the observing.
I'm anticipating getting yours in the mail no later than Wed. we are off to Austin on Thursday and it will be in the mail b4 we leave. I will notify you when I receive your mini, (don't want you to worry).
Again, thank you so much for personalized mini for my grandbaby!
Have a great week,